GeoRipper digs where others can’t


With a total weight starting at 13.9 kg.


The self-sharpening digging chain cuts through roots up to 70mm diameter.


Cuts trenches up to 700mm deep and 38mm or 50mm wide.


Cuts trenches into all types of soil such as clay, gravel, sand, compacted and even frozen ground.

Increase profit with GeoRipper trenchers

GeoRipper’s latest product line will help you save time and labour. This trencher is so powerful that it will decrease your trenching time so you can focus on other things.

what customers say

  • The GeoRipper is the greatest thing! It has increased productivity. We were previously having to hand dig in certain areas and now one person can go in and do it in no time saving us lots of time!

    Rodney Krumnow, Pro Irrigation & Repair, Marlin, TX
  • I love my GeoRipper and use it all the time! He shortened my working time by at least 1 hour per order and saved me money.

    Anode Solutions, Celina, Texas
  • MiniTrencher gave me the opportunity to demo their new GeoRipper. The GeoRipper is wonderfully designed, well balanced, has a stronger horse power, lighter and little to no maintenance. I love the spring coil shock design! I am absolutely sold on the GeoRipper. 100% thumbs up on the GeoRipper!

    Portland Sprinkler, Portland, Oregon

GeoRipper UK Trade Show Diary 2019


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